Windows 8 will be degradable to Windows 7 and Vista

Windows 8 Pro could be downgraded to earlier versions of Windows

Windows 8Windows 8 is no doubt Microsoft‘s biggest bet as their unchallenged dominance in the desktop OS could be challenged for the first time if this experiment does not convince the market. To avoid this situation, Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 Pro could be downgraded to earlier versions of Windows (i.e. vista, 7). The software license agreement for the version of Windows 8 Pro states:

“Instead of using the Windows 8 Pro software, you may use one of the following earlier versions: Windows 7 Professional or Windows Vista Business,”

Windows 7,VistaAlthough the second most popular version of their OS (which is still not completely obsolete) Windows XP is not in this list. But that’s not a breaking news as Microsoft support for XP ends in April 2014.

Allowing downgrades has worked for Microsoft in case of Vista very well. Hope is that if users reject Windows 8 they probably won’t be shifting to any other platform and will stick to Windows 7. Microsoft has got some serious loyalty.