The iPhone 5 is here!!

Apple reveals its “Most Unsurprising Yet” iPHONE 5

For the very first time iPhone launch had NOTHING which was not already known, even the design of the iPhone was leaked. Everyone was hoping that there could be something there which would convince them to buy the phone. Apple introduced iPhone 5 as

Never before have we built a product with this extraordinary level of fit and finish. It took all of our leaning, our best thinking to realize something so simple, so clear and yet so truly extraordinary.

-Ive Gushes

iPhone 5

Ive Gushes introducing iPhone 5

What’s New:

The iPhone 5:

Tim Cook with iPhone-5

Tim Cook with iPhone-5

  • A taller but not wider iPhone (This is the first time that screen size of an iPhone has increased)
  • It is thinnest iPhone yet, 18% thinner than iPhone 4
  • 20% lighter than iPhone 4 i.e. 112 grams
  • Chips used have been upgraded to A6, which is twice as fast as A5 and twice fast in graphics
  • Battery Time: 8 hours of 3G talk time, 3G browsing; 8 hours LTE browsing; 10 hours for Wi-Fi browsing; 10 hours video; 40 hours music; 225 hours while on standby
  • Oh yes, iPhone 5 will support 4G LTE networks

The Camera:

Camera Specs

Camera Specs for iPhone 5

  • 8-megapixel sensor
  • 3264×2448 resolution with backside illumination
  • Hybrid IR filter
  • Five-element lens
  • f2.4 aperture.
  • A built-in panorama mode
  • it takes parts of photos and stitches them together. Uses image stabilization, and removes duped people.
  • 1080p video, the stabilization has improved. Face detection for 10 people, and now you can take photos while you’re shooting video.
  • Front camera: Now FaceTime HD camera with 720p support, backside illuminated sensor, and FaceTime works over 3G with iOS 6.

The Audio:



  • Three microphones (up from 2) one on the bottom, one on the front, and one on the back.
  • Speaker now has 5 magnets, up from two, which is apparently better. Also uses 20% less space.
  • Noise-canceling improved as well, Schiller says. New feature called “Wideband audio.”
  • Wideband fills up more of the frequency spectrum and makes voices sound more natural

The Connector:


The Lightening, New 9-Pin Reversible Connector

  • After being used for almost a decade, 30-Pin connector is now super ceded by a 9-Pin Connector called “Lightening”
  • It has adaptive interface and Reversible
  • Apple has also introduced a 30-Pin to9-Pin (lightening) adapter

The iOS:

iOS 6

iOS 6 will be default OS for iPhone 5

  • The iPhone 5 will be shipped with iOS 6 (surprising? No)
  • More than 200 new features in iOS 6 (oh yes, now interesting)

The Map App:

apple map app

Apple Map App

  • Apple introduced its own Map app (Google Maps has got a competitor, not much to worry Google, you are still king of maps !!)
  • It will use Siri and 3D
  • It has search feature for which Apple has 100 Million records in its database (How much Google would have??)

Social Network Integration:

Tweet in iPhone-5

Tweet from anywhere

  • Facebook and Twitter feature in Notification Center. You can can be social from whatever app you’re in.

Siri – Improved:

siri showing scores

Siri telling scores

  • Siri now knows Sports better, it can display scores and rankings
  • Siri also got more intelligent and recognizes subjective queries
  • The great thing is that now you can post to facebook using Siri

Price and Availability:



  • The Prices are same as that of iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4 has replaced iPhone 3GS into free category
  • iPhone will start shipping from 21st September,2012