Intel new Atom Chip pays no respect for Linux

A bad news for all Linux users, new Intel Clover Trail chip is not going to support Linux and it is best for only Windows 8. However the chip contains an x86 family processor technically which has the ability to run Linux. However, there were many statements and rumors about the Intel Clover Trial chip, that it would not support Google Linux-base Android platform which seems that there will no Intel authorized support for open source user in upcoming atom. Intel will not also support any state which stops all the retailers to use its new atom chip except windows 8.

Although Intel Clover Trail Atom processor can be seen in various non-descript laptops around IDF and there are a lot of architectural details about the chip that it’s a dual-core 32nm Atom SoC having number of states and relies upon Imagination’s PowerVR SGX graphics.

While speaking at the Intel Developers Forum this week company states that Intel Clover Trail will be “a Windows 8 chip and chip cannot run Linux”. Intel didn’t brief why Atom new chip is not going to support Linux but it also give it simply states that “a lot of software work has to go within chip to support in it other operating systems”.

Intel also highlighted about the new systems P-states and C-states which can turn off the individual core of processor helping in power saving. These types of processors can’t be handled by the Linux which leads to poor battery life however windows 8 will work properly with the upcoming chip giving a much better battery time.

However, Intel Atom Clover Trail chip going to be settled in the tablet PCs, the category of mobile devices which is fully dominated by Linux Based Android OS and Unix based iOS but it would be shocking to know that Clover Trail chip will not work with Linux properly. This may provide advantage Microsoft Windows 8 in its debut.

This bold decision of Intel to not support Linux in its upcoming new Intel Clover Trail chip and declaring Microsoft Windows 8 as an official OS for this chip may cause relationship between chip manufacturer and Linux OS.