Fan Boy Developers

Programming is one of the most healthy professions in the world. The students of computer science, computer engineering and even from business backgrounds are trying their luck and making fortune in this field. All they need to do is learn development for a particular platform using tutorials available in thousands if not millions over internet. Practice it a bit and they go on making apps for Apple Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store or they fetch projects from freelancing websites and earn handsome money.

Tech Giants

Tech Giants

But are they satisfied with it? This question has two answers. Yes. And No. Yes because they are earning good amount. And No because it is inconsistent. Increasing rate of change and advancement in technology, changing market trends with introduction of new devices (and even platforms), changing policies of App Stores and freelancing websites all rise serious question that will programmers associated with particular platform be able to earn as much as today in the future? Answer is that nobody knows. But, what everybody knows is that market is sure going to expand not collapse. If one platform goes down somewhere, its rival will go up and also there will be growth in software market side by side. So there will be jobs for programmers, in fact, in larger number than today. But we don’t know which particular platform will be the most rewarding and which will meet its end.

Common trend is that customers become possessive about their platform and also some developers associated with one platform behave like what we say “FAN BOYS”. Almost worshipping one platform and completely abusing all the others. This thing brings damage not much to customers but to developers. As developers should always be ready to switch to different platforms and should be able to foresee market trends depending upon platforms’ strength and weaknesses which fan boy developers usually don’t take under consideration because they are unable to see beyond the “Holy platform”.

Coolness in the names of “Technology Giants” might not be much rewarding sometimes, same amount of effort if made in any other direction can be very fruitful. Fan Boy Developers don’t OWN either Microsoft, Google or Apple (as they don’t own 51% market shares), so they should keep their Personal likes and dislikes (Favorite Platform) and Business (Development Platform) apart.

Also when working professionally in Software Industry, you would know that in real world, software we would make will usually not be Store Applications, they could be custom business, medical, engineering, research or accounting software, websites, and many more.