Organizer App for Nokia S40 Full Touch Devices





Organizer helps you with remembering things of importance for you. It stores two types of information.

  1. Tasks
  2. Notes

Tasks are things to-do. At a glance you can remember what appointments or tasks you have. Along with the task you can edit small things to remember about that task.

Notes are simple pocket notepads, you can store in any kind of information which you would like to reference later like your flight timings, addresses, email addresses, everyday notes.

Its self explanatory and easy to use interface and its simple but powerful functionality makes it charming for all types of audience. And the most wonderful thing about Organizer is that its absolutely FREE!! You can instantly fetch it from Nokia Store through this URL. Download Organizer from Nokia Store.

Organizer App is supported on all Full Touch and Touch and Type Nokia J2ME Devices (including famous Nokia Asha Series).

You can mail us at Nokia Organizer for further support.